In April 1977, at the age of 19, I joined ATV Elstree as a Trainee Sound Assistant,


During the next five years I worked my way up the crew structure.


Starting as a floor assistant, I moved on to boom operating, then control room work, including grams operation on the Muppet Show, and other musical entertainment programmes.


Whilst still at ATV I did an attachment to sound supervising, having my first taste of mixing on various sitcoms, gameshows and childrens’ programmes.


In the early 1980s, Central Television (as ATV was renamed) was instructed by the IBA to move its studios, and most of its staff to Nottingham.  However I decided not to relocate to the Midlands and looked for alternative employment in the London area.


In April 1982, I joined LWT as a substantive sound floor assistant.  My role included assisting the Crew No.1, and boom and fishpole operating in the studios and on location.


Before long I was promoted to Grams Operator and worked in Studios and Post Production in that role, on most of LWT’s flagship productions. I also worked on Outside Broadcasts, which included doing the front-of-house mix for the Royal Variety Performance.


In September, 1988 LWT decided to expand its Post Production Sound operation significantly.  I spent 18 months, running PPS on a day-to-day basis while Graham Hix oversaw the expansion.  During this time I was working as an acting sound supervisor, and was given the job on a permanent basis on 2nd October 1989. When the work in PPS was complete I returned to the studios.


I continued to work as a staff sound supervisor, on a range of studio productions and outside broadcasts until December 2008, when I embarked on my new role in the freelance world.


I’m now well into my eleventh year as a freelance sound supervisor.  I’m as busy as ever, and have been involved in a wide range of productions in that short time. New challenges are always coming along, and I guess that’s what makes it interesting. You never know what’s around the corner.